Happy New Year Searchers

Happy 2019 Everyone!

Wishing all the searchers the best for the New Year…

Lets get this chest found!

I posted a New Years Video this morning on my YouTube channel

Hope you enjoy it.

This is my daily routine with my Grandson Mason

Customized Metal Detector

Quicksilver Bounty Hunter Mod

This is one of the most important things I carry

in my backpack. Its very light weight and actually

Weighs less then the backpack itself.

I cut the shaft down and removed the armrest

then filed down the aluminum shaft to insert

a plug into the bottom of the handle.

Forrest Fenn Signature Collection

Hello searchers!

I was originaly going to make a PDF out of the collection.

 many searchers said they were going to send them in 

but only a few searchers sent me their signature.

Thank you to all those who did!

Some of the images are from searcher and some 

Are from google images.

Here they are and I must say

“I think f is saying something here”

some images have been blown up

in order to get a better look.


Trip 111

I recently returned home from trip 111

Had a great time even though I didn’t find the chest.

I took this trip in order to recon a section of my

search area. I did however complete all the task

I had planned but one. I usually dont have much time, 

driving uses up most of it. There was one place

I really wanted to get cleared but it was out of my reach.

My gut kept telling me, to go for it!

But I couldn’t figure out a way to get it.