TTOTC Colored Images

TTOTC Colored Images

Hey guys, ive been coloring these images

in order to get a better feel for the art.

I was thinking adding a little color might help

bring new thoughts about what is being shown.

If you have any thoughts on the art, please 

comment below.




Weekly Words Mystery…

*If you wear a smile to the right spot you will wear a grin going home. f

*If you wear a smile to the treasure you will wear a grin going home. f

A lot of things could be happening here.

A simple mistake(most likely), Whats your thought on the this?

Good Old Mildew

Mildew Makes The Weekly Words

 * You will find no mildew in the treasure chest. f ( Posted November 18th, 2016 )

Mildew was also used in a previous post from Forrest

Scrapbook One Hundred Tweny-Six…


(Click the above link to visit the actual post)

I believe this post to be a vital part of the chase and these two

post are related. Many searchers have questioned the significants 

of this hat in the past and still today no one can say for certain

what it implies. I have my own theory for the hat and I know 

others do as well. I do have to say, I was not surprised to see

the floating hat make another appearance. 

Title To The Gold

Absolute Title

Can this answer any questions regarding ownership

after finding the chest?

Here is an older post from

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 Notice Forrest using the word “absolute”

Here is what you find when requesting a possible definition