Could Forrest still have access to live satellite views

Here is why I ask

Forrest says he will know when it’s been found

but doesn’t want to reveal how he’ll know!


Help A Friend (JDIGGINS)


You may know the seasoned searcher JDiggins (Jamie) from six questions with Jdiggins on MW, Fennboree, THOR, Facebook, Harry’s, CC; she is everywhere and loved by all of us!

She recently lost her business and home in the mean Mendeceno Fire in California. We are organizing donations to go to Jamie to help her in her time of need! Donations at $25 increments, donated to her Paypal, which will earn you an opportunity to be provided the following set of:
Coin: Search Coin #001
Memoirs: TTOTC – 1st Edition*, TFTW*, OUAW*
*All memoirs will be signed by Forrest Fenn.

Mike Cowling is the lead on payment and numbers ($25 each). You may make as many donations as you would like in $25 increments to receive multiple entries!

Many people are already involved in helping bring this together – Cynthia, Dal, Mike, Sean, Leroy, and of course Forrest, just to name a few.

Please share this information as widely as possible. YouTubers, mention this in your YouTube shows, this should be on all forums / websites (Dal is already making a page), all Facebook’s, etc.

I will post updates as they come in here, we are working quickly but diligently to get Jamie the support she needs. Mike will have a vBLOG out shortly and there will be details out in various channels. All funds are due to paypal no later than August 31st 5pm mountain time. Selection/winner will be Live Streamed for all to see (more details to follow)!

Attached Photos of the items and a fun-good-old-times picture of Jamie from the hat contest!

Link for others to use to point here to the thread:…gins-info-here

Forrest Fenn Signature Collection

Hello searchers!

I was originaly going to make a PDF out of the collection.

 many searchers said they were going to send them in 

but only a few searchers sent me their signature.

Thank you to all those who did!

Some of the images are from searcher and some 

Are from google images.

Here they are and I must say

“I think f is saying something here”

some images have been blown up

in order to get a better look.