The Lost City of the Monkey God

April 11, 2018 jenny kiles questions with forrest

Interesting article I found

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Makes me wonder if there may be a hint toward this article


3/4 & 4/4

My first thought when I seen todays 

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Where Where Where

I do believe Forrest said it gets easier but finding the end is proving to be more difficult than finding the start. I know it’s just understanding what he visualizes when reading the poem but figuring it all out is nerve wrecking. Lol.

Haven’t made this 105 trip yet because I’m trying to plan everything I need to examine. I have been setting my long term plan into motion though. I will reveal it at a later time but for now I am focused on how ff reveals the way to pinpoint the chest.

I know the end is near by and I feel I’m walking right past it. What I’m doing is making a list of every idea I have to try from the point I’ve already reached. This is my final step and I would put one foot down and step on it to get to the next step, if I can figure out where. Lol..

Good luck everyone

I know I haven’t post much lately but something tells me shhhhhh.