Could Forrest still have access to live satellite views

Here is why I ask

Forrest says he will know when it’s been found

but doesn’t want to reveal how he’ll know!


Forrest Fenn Signature Collection

Hello searchers!

I was originaly going to make a PDF out of the collection.

 many searchers said they were going to send them in 

but only a few searchers sent me their signature.

Thank you to all those who did!

Some of the images are from searcher and some 

Are from google images.

Here they are and I must say

“I think f is saying something here”

some images have been blown up

in order to get a better look.


A Leon Gaspard Question To f

Dear Forrest

I was just wondering if you might answer a question, I can share with all searchers.
If you do answer, I will post your response on the forums and my blog.
The question is: is there any type of intensional clues or hint in Leon Gaspard The Call of Distant Places?

Thank you, Rick

Forrest responds

No, there are no clues or hints in my Gaspard biography. f