Forrest Comments On 2018 Search Season

This is a short Q/A with Forrest, for the 2018 Search Season

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Dear Forrest


The 2018 search season seams to be off to a great start. I was hoping you might share a little with the Ghost Adventures Blog this year. 


do you feel searchers are progressing in the hunt? I don’t know what you nean by progressing, but there will be a lot of families heading for the Rockies this summer. 


do you feel searcherare following your safety advice? Yes, I am encouraged by what they are telling me. Safety cannot be over emphasized. 


I know searchers would be interest in knowing if you still follow any of the forums, blogs, or youtube channels? I read those things mostly when someone sends me a link. Some of them seem to have gotten away from talking about the search.


we heard you were judging the Cowlazars Coin Contest, did you ever imagine searchers would create a commemorative coin in honor of “The Thrill of the Chase”? Not in my wildest anticipation. 


Is there anything you might like to say to searchers as we get the season started? A lot of searchers are teaming up and combining assets and ideas. I wish everyone good luck and safe passage. f


thank for sharing any thoughts to my questions, Rick