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12 thoughts on “Ask Forrest

  1. Forrest, we have been inspired by so many of the memories you’ve shared and the amazing friends you have made throughout your lifetime. I know you can’t meet all of the people searching for your treasure and you surely have made some new friends with The Thrill of the Chase. If you do actually get to meet the person who finds the chest do you believe any type of special friendship will form between you both?


  2. Is there anywhere that someone could ask if thier theory was correct? Without it being public? I do not live in the States, but will save and go if I have too.


  3. I know when English is translated in to other languages, the translation sometime adds or removes words. So would it still be possible for a searcher to locate the chest, even if that person was reading it in another language or would the poem loose it’s meaning and direction?


  4. I see that in the Summer 2010 you flew to _________ and _________ , purchasing avgas for you return flight back. One in May and the last trip in August 2010.

    Can you tell us what month you hid the treasure?


  5. Mr. Fenn,
    Will the found treasure be considered by the IRS to be a found trove (and subject to income tax at the 37% rate), or could it be considered a gift from you to the finder as stated in the last line of your poem (and not taxable to the finder)?


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