PDF Backups

A Complete Backup Collection 

These PDF files are for backup purposes only!

Backups are update to June 14, 2017

These files are updated regularly and that changes the file sizes

so file size info below may not be accurate at all times

Backups are a FREE DOWNLOAD

I will try update these files as often as I can

Please do not trust downloading from any other source…

Scrapbooks 1-181 641 pages



118 pages



273 pages


Use your smart phone

to carry all the information with you while on a search

Please save to a secure location.

When download it is best to save file to a location such as icloud, that

way it is sharable on all your devices.

These PDF’s are not just information,

They are organized, searchable, all in one backups

of data and facts given by Forrest Fenn.