Has the end drawn nigh?

Forrest’s responses are definitely

Once Upon A While

May Be its just me but I see this as the end announcement!


X Marks The Spot

Have I found the solution everyone hopes for?

I sure hope so. I’ve worked my solve from every angle I can think of and I could not seem to get a pinpointed location. I know I’m right were im supposed to be but what was I missing. You see, I’ve had many spots to check in my search area but nothing really saying “This Is The Spot”.

In order for Forrest to lead a searcher to find his treasure, it has to be exact to a spot and not a general area. There will be no guessing where to look! I know I’m at the right place there’s no doubt about it. I just had to figure out how you take the guessing out of the hunt and now I see how it works just like an old school treasure map. I was missing some very important instructions. My solve has been full of, stand here, face this direction, count this many, well you get the point. I just had to figure out the endding and it works the exact same way.

Once Upon A while


Douglas Preston’s Foreword to Forrest Fenn’s NEW Book: Once Upon a While

There is some good stuff is this Foreward!
Just thought i would make a couple of post about
some of the things that catch my attn.