Hint at buried?

Just some thoughts I keep

In the back of my mind.


The Forrest Fenn Medallion

Thank you to Forrest Fenn and Mike Cowling

For the opportunity to take part in such a great contest.

I was honored to have my design chosen.

Thanks to all who participated in the contest,

I saw many awesome designs.

Here is my original design, if anyone has

Not had the opportunity to see it.

The Lost City of the Monkey God

April 11, 2018 jenny kiles questions with forrest

Interesting article I found

 regarding this post at Mysterious Writings

Makes me wonder if there may be a hint toward this article


“Life is a game of poker, 

Happiness is the pot.

Fate deals you four cards and a joker, 

And you play whether you like it or not.”

This is just a simple thought, a possible maybe? I know everyone knows this little poem by now. I was just sitting here watching some tv and opened TTOTC, to look through it again, out of boredom. I just happened to open to this page when I picked it up, and my first thought when reading it, was the many pictures of a hat.

A little funny and a tad bit of dyslexia I guess on my part. When I read “Happiness is the pot”, I seen “Happiness is the top”. I do remember looking at synonyms of “hat” in the past and “top” was one of the most popular words. 

Idk? Maybe someone might find it useful.  Good luck searchers….