TTOTC Colored Images

TTOTC Colored Images

Hey guys, ive been coloring these images

in order to get a better feel for the art.

I was thinking adding a little color might help

bring new thoughts about what is being shown.

If you have any thoughts on the art, please 

comment below.



Customized Metal Detector

Quicksilver Bounty Hunter Mod

This is one of the most important things I carry

in my backpack. Its very light weight and actually

Weighs less then the backpack itself.

I cut the shaft down and removed the armrest

then filed down the aluminum shaft to insert

a plug into the bottom of the handle.

A Leon Gaspard Question To f

Dear Forrest

I was just wondering if you might answer a question, I can share with all searchers.
If you do answer, I will post your response on the forums and my blog.
The question is: is there any type of intensional clues or hint in Leon Gaspard The Call of Distant Places?

Thank you, Rick

Forrest responds

No, there are no clues or hints in my Gaspard biography. f


Scrapbooks 180 thru 186

The duration of theses post are lasting extremly long.

We seem to be staying in the 180’s for an extended period of time

Could this be another hint for someone?

Is this the direction “the one” must go?