Intelligent Flight


Just throwing this one out there…

I know we’ve talked about it before.

This phrase is still a puzzler, that someone or

Something else knows where to look.

I dont know if you know much about the DJI Phantom

Some of the DJI drones have a range of over 7 miles

and have the capability of intelligent flight patters.

These patterns are stored in memory on the device.

Its not impossible for someone to program a drone to

fly to a certain location, change altitudes, video/photo

A waypoint, or even land if desired.

There are even range extenders like I have on my DJI

that double the distance, we’re talking 14 miles…

If the chest is only 8.25 miles north of Santa Fe,

Forrest could check on it without ever leaving the house,

all he needed to do was program the drone one time to

fly to his waypoint.

What’s up with this picture?

Remember the post about a foot soldier

Every time i view it on my ipad, i get this information

Take a look…

Strange dont you think?



“Well in my book there is a poem and there are 9 clues in the poem and the clues are in consecutive order; If you want to find the treasure chest, you have my book there, I’ll tell you how to do it. Read the book just normally, the poem and the rest of the book, then go back and read the poem 6,8,10 times, study every line, every word, then after you do that read the book again slowly with the idea of looking for clues or hints that are in the book that will help you follow the clues. You can find the chest with just the clues, but there are hints in the book that will help you with the clues.” ff — Report From Santa Fe with Lorene Mills(May 13-16th 2011).