YouTube Kids

My Grandkids have been inspired.

Eli and Brynlee both at five years old have been on my blog several times and have even appeared on many of the youtube channels I’ve been on over the past two or three years and have been inspired to create their own show! I’m so proud of these two for taking the chance to make something happen for themselves.

I’ve started helping them get setup and ready to shoot some video.

The kids have a plan!

They intend to keep the show treasure hunt related and create hunts

for other kids to find and also plan on showing

toys,places they visit, ect.. basically a kids life. lol..

They have a ton of energy, I hope I can keep up. Lol..

Here is a peek at their channel…

Visit our channel here

Thank You Everyone for viewing and if you wish to help out, 

I’ve added a shipping address and a donation button below

Rick Mcdonald, PO BOX 413, Sandoval,IL 62882


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