3 Feet Away

I’m a huge believer in The Law Of Attraction and I’m not one to give up. When it comes to The Thrill of the Chase, I always have a question in the back of my mind, am I “3 feet from the gold”? This comes from an analogy by Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich. The story talks about the Colorado gold rush and a young man that spent several months mining a gold claim, the man finally quits and sells the claim and all the equipment to a “junk man” who hires an engineer as an advisor to get a professional opinion before resuming any digging in the mine. After the engineer did some research he informs the “junk man” that the previous owner stopped digging just 3 feet short of the gold. The engineer was right on the money, the first miner was only three feet away from striking it rich, before giving up and quitting.

I’ve made 114 trips so far and made some early on mistakes, each one of these mistakes was a lesson to be had. I don’t want to be like most people, giving up right before the gold and quitting because things get TOO hard. I know there’s a breakthrough moment just around the corner and that I have the power to create the changes I want, I’ll keep pushing and I know I’ll make it happen.


9 thoughts on “3 Feet Away

  1. what you need the metal detector for if you’re going to dig 6 feet anywayzs? At three feet you got one foot in the grave already. I just can’t justify digging anymore, what if something steos in the hole and breaks their neck. Now if the poem led you to a small enough area then I could see maybe poking around every 6-8inches or so but if it’s six foot deep then it can just stay with the dead as far as I’m concerned. Besides if there was a hole to be dug Forrest would have just paid someone to do it or tricked them into digging it. Be a trooper and come up with another plan.


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