Hint at buried?

Just some thoughts I keep

In the back of my mind.


14 thoughts on “Hint at buried?

  1. Doesn’t seem fair does it? But them again if it was easy anyone could do it. Maybe I will get lucky and it’s not much over eye level. I’m going to look ridiculous lugging in a ladder with a bike and even worse when there’s nothing there.


  2. It’s not the Magoffin.
    It’s the first part of a two part clue:

    Water high tells you the season when it is ideal to search.
    It is not heavy until you attempt to lift it.
    Not a load until it is supported.


  3. “Look quickly down” means simply, (use childlike mind), the chest cannot be seen anywhere but from directly above. “Quickly” is filler to be more poetic than just “look down”.

    The holding area is not important. This clue doesn’t get you there. It just wants the looker to know; If they followed instructions well, only then will it be possible to look down and see the quest’s end.

    So mostly hidden but not buried.
    I tend to see a fanny pack like crevasse on the side of a rock shelf with no line of sight inside except from the Catbird Seat.


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