The Forrest Fenn Medallion

Thank you to Forrest Fenn and Mike Cowling

For the opportunity to take part in such a great contest.

I was honored to have my design chosen.

Thanks to all who participated in the contest,

I saw many awesome designs.

Here is my original design, if anyone has

Not had the opportunity to see it.


6 thoughts on “The Forrest Fenn Medallion

    • What you been up to CB
      Do you think we need a ladder?
      Funny you mention that, I’ve been looking at something that I may need a ladder for but I was going to use the drone to try to look for me


      • Well, you know me I been thinking again, what better way then for it not to be stumbled upon, also makes for great insurance against the water high mark. There are some other reasons but I best not say on an open forum.
        Drone is very modern but can it pick up 42# plus? Me I can’t afford that kinda stuff, maybe in the future if I’m able to get on disability.


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