5/3/2018 .f

Ok, here’s another archaic word that was used when I was a kid. Crean


Me: Lol wow! I need to look up more than one of those. Can I post the whole comment?

Sure, you can post it, but I’ll bet none of your readers can define the word. f



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  1. I.G. just in case Forrest is too busy to check back… you can tell him I know.

    It means to “Trust your heart.” and/or “Believe in yourself.” I suspect he is sending a message out towards a “gut feeling.” Otherwise…there was no need to mention it at all.

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    • A few other possible meanings:

      Etymology Edit
      From Old Irish crenaid.

      Pronunciation Edit
      IPA(key): /cɾʲanˠ/
      Verb Edit
      crean (present analytic creanann, future analytic creanfaidh, verbal noun creanadh, past participle creanta)

      (transitive, intransitive, may take two objects) purchase
      bestow, spend
      expend, waste

      And also, probably more apt:

      See also: crean
      Manx Edit

      Proper noun Edit
      Crean m

      Synonyms Edit
      See also Edit
      (day of the week): Previous: Yn Vayrt. Next: Jerdein.

      But I also remember F saying it had something to do with a car, but can’t remember the exact phrase—-

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  2. Your right Mindy he already talked about this on Jenny’s. He said it meant something like the frame twisted a little when a car went off the road and the door seals shut. Something like that… reminds of something Eric would say…

    Cream also anagrams to crane…

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  3. Just a guess, but I would think it was Texas slang for careen. Like the car careened (creaned) into the fence. My wife’s Uncle grew up in West Texas and every once in a while I have to ask him what he said, it’s a Texas thang.


  4. Here’s a rabbit hole…

    Ever heard of “Lady of the Lake” by Sir Walter Scott?

    Crean Tarigh (Cross of Shame)
    Crean = cross

    Maybe it’s yet another hint to cross a waterway?

    “The Fiery Cross:
    Upon learning that the King was coming to invade the Highlander’s prayer – from Lady of the Lake Highlands and punish the clan Alpin, Roderick summoned the Fiery Cross. According to tradition, he slew a goat, and making a cross of any light wood, seared it in a fire and then smeared it with the blood of the goat. This was called the Fiery Cross, also Crean Tarigh (Cross of Shame), because disobedience to that which the symbol implied meant, inferred infamy. It was delivered to a swift and trusty messenger, who ran full speed with it to the next village; and thus it passed with incredible speed through all the district which owed allegiance to the chief, and also amongst his allies and neighbours, if the danger was common to them.

    At sight of the cross, every man from sixteen to sixty, capable of bearing arms, was obliged instantly to repair, in his best arms and accoutrements, to the place of rendezvous. He who failed to appear suffered the extremities of fire and sword. During the Jacobite Wars, the fiery cross often made its circuit; and upon one occasion it passed through the whole district of Breadalbane, a tract of thirty-two miles, in three hours.”

    Source: http://members.tripod.com/hal_macgregor/gregor/Walter.html

    You’re welcome, or I’m sorry for the information.


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