Forrest Comments On 2018 Search Season

This is a short Q/A with Forrest, for the 2018 Search Season

This has been Copy/Pasted directily from the E-mail

(Nothing has been changed)


Dear Forrest


The 2018 search season seams to be off to a great start. I was hoping you might share a little with the Ghost Adventures Blog this year. 


do you feel searchers are progressing in the hunt? I don’t know what you nean by progressing, but there will be a lot of families heading for the Rockies this summer. 


do you feel searcherare following your safety advice? Yes, I am encouraged by what they are telling me. Safety cannot be over emphasized. 


I know searchers would be interest in knowing if you still follow any of the forums, blogs, or youtube channels? I read those things mostly when someone sends me a link. Some of them seem to have gotten away from talking about the search.


we heard you were judging the Cowlazars Coin Contest, did you ever imagine searchers would create a commemorative coin in honor of “The Thrill of the Chase”? Not in my wildest anticipation. 


Is there anything you might like to say to searchers as we get the season started? A lot of searchers are teaming up and combining assets and ideas. I wish everyone good luck and safe passage. f


thank for sharing any thoughts to my questions, Rick

13 thoughts on “Forrest Comments On 2018 Search Season

      • I apologise, I haven’t really followed your blog, but it seems like you have some good posts from the little I’ve looked around (haven’t had much time to look more in depth).

        Has FF responded to these types of emails from you before? Have you sent them or other stuff to him before?


        • This is the first time he has responded to questions for my blog. I have sent question two other time for the blog, that went unanswered. On the personal side I have had many conversation with Forrest though.


  1. Looks like your the man of the hour IG and now a collector coin designer, congratulations. If you want to get rid of one of your three let me know, ok. Hows the neck doin? I haven’t got a doctors release yet but I’m starting to get itchy feet and may have to just go with my gut feeling.
    You may have mentioned before how big your actual search area is and I forgot, but if you don’t mind sharing how big it is I am curious to know. I was up all night thinking about how you said it should lead back to wwwh, my area is about the size of one acre to run through all the clues, but the actual search area is starting to dwindle down to a workable size.


  2. IG I’ve seen you on AGK and like your comments on the panel and on this blog. You designed a great coin, very relevant, thank you. I bought 10, gave one to Mike. I have no idea what I am going to do with the rest. I wish you lots of luck. You are very focused on NM, may I ask why? I think the treasure is Wy maybe Mt. I think the spot reflects more of his early childhood experiences and also ties him closer with family, but I have not found it. I admire you that you must travel so very far. Next time I go out I plan to stay for months. Stay safe. Congrats on new grandchild!

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  3. It is similar to Forrest Fenn Treasure Facts, in that it shares statements made only by Forrest and not others. It is what Forrest Fenn says about how to find his treasure chest- not how others think you should.


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