The Lost City of the Monkey God

April 11, 2018 jenny kiles questions with forrest

Interesting article I found

 regarding this post at Mysterious Writings

Makes me wonder if there may be a hint toward this article

8 thoughts on “The Lost City of the Monkey God

    • I wouldn’t call it intuition. I search my location because the poem and the original information given from f takes me to this place without knowing anything about Forrest, without the scrapbooks, without even reading ttotc


  1. I like that, there are some things I would like to forget about the chase. Things like not associated or under, no need to break anything. They are like worms that once embedded they eat away at a solution. I guess sometimes a guy should not let the right hand know what the left hand is doing.
    I haven’t been able to give up on my spot either and don’t think I could unless someone proves they found the chest.


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