My 109th Recon


My daughter Brianna and I made it back home Monday afternoon.

We had a great time on this trip but no chest..mmmm.

I took a many pictures and drone video and just wanted

Share a couple. Hopefully after reviewing all the video,

I might find something I Missed.

I know its not much, but it is difficult to show to much. Lol

Good luck to all this summer, Rick


4 thoughts on “My 109th Recon

  1. I watched the live chat a day later and it sure looks like your neck has had a miraculous recovery, no more collar and you seem to have lots of movement. Have you been pulling my leg IG? How long have you been pulling my leg?


    • No I’m still supposed to wear that thing, just bothers me to much now. I go back for a x-ray on the 23rd to see if the bones fused successfully. I do feel like neck need to crack when looking left and right but afraid to do that. Lol..


      • ya it might fall off, every little creak of my neck brings a cringe now. My chiropractor that kept me going for years took one look at my first mri and told me that he would not adjust my neck anymore, that was in 2009. Someday if we meet up we can compare scars till then good luck on your x-ray.
        I think you should head to Hollywood and try to make a go at acting, the live chat shows you have a talent that needs to be run around the track a time or two.


  2. IG, you seemed to be the man of the hour with your map in the live chat, but I already have the map. Would you care to elaborate on how you mentioned the poem led you to a certain area like a maze but then you had to figure out how to get out?


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