Not Forrest

I know it’s a funny post

But may be it will stop all the 

Forrest Fenn email i recieve.

I do get a lot for some reason…lol.

Crimsonblazeblog asked if I would take a picture,

and YES I am feeling better by the way. 

The surgery I had last May failed and

I had to have another one.

I have to wear the brace for three to six months and the bone

stimulator for nine months..

Good hunting to you all this year..

Scar on left is the first surgery and scar on the right is this time.


12 thoughts on “Not Forrest

  1. That left a pretty good scar I bet? You have any pics of your scar? I don’t mean to sound gruesome but I am scheduled for c-3 through c-7 surgery on Monday and I’m just trying to wrap my head around it all.


  2. oh, some of those are kinda funny. Too many sites we need to cut down on all this overhead. All morning I thought you might have suffered some neurological damage, your family doesn’t leave you alone by yourself during the day do they?


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