My Take On The Poem

When I read the poem, this is what I see.


2 thoughts on “My Take On The Poem

  1. Hey Ghost, I’ve seen a few of your comments on MW’s and have enjoyed reading your thoughts. I’m from WI so we’re close. I’ve made 6 trips to my location and I believe this year will be the last and will end the search. But who knows. When I see your view of the poem above I just figure I would add a comment… when I read the poem, I not only see directional clues throughout the poem, but it seems like the directions could also be describing the place he hid the treasure. Each hint has another meaning. Just a thought. Best of luck my Midwest friend!


    • Hi Jake

      Thanks for visiting my blog. I hope you don’t give up. I have made many many trips out west searching and it’s my solve that keeps me going and I don’t use the poem the way everyone else is using it. Good luck on your next trip.


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