Exploring on 108

exploring outside my search area

Trip 108

I recently returned home from trip 108 

I had such a great time, it was hard for me to leave.

This trip was well planned out and I accomplished 

everthing I went to do. In some of my down time 

I explored outside my search area. I wanted to check

out some of the cool place I had seen in the past.

One of these was this hole in the base of these rocks.


I had seen this in the past and even I know Forrest

would not have hidden it in there, but I just can’t help 

to explore places like these. I think we might have a few 

things in common. These rocks were pushing out of the side

of the mountain. After I located this place again, I nelt down 

and used my flashlight to look inside. I could see that there

Were a couple of turns inside the small opening so I got on my 

hands and knees and climbed on in. Lol.


After making my way around the bend in the back, the tunnel opened

up and I could stand upright. I followed the small passage all the

way to the end but did not discover anything inside. I didn’t find any 

sign of hummans or even animals inside. Makes me wonder

If I might be the only one to ever find it.


I have found many places just like this one and have

explored them all. On this trip I had specfic goals I

needed to accomplish and when I needed time to think

I would go off to look at things like this. I always find it 

helpful to take my mind off the treasure from time to time.

I even left and went up to Denver to check out the museum.

I met up with some family members I havn’t seen in years.

We spent some time at the museum, zoo, and the aquarium

and then straight back to my search.



One Awesome Trip!

The End.


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