X Marks The Spot

Have I found the solution everyone hopes for?

I sure hope so. I’ve worked my solve from every angle I can think of and I could not seem to get a pinpointed location. I know I’m right were im supposed to be but what was I missing. You see, I’ve had many spots to check in my search area but nothing really saying “This Is The Spot”.

In order for Forrest to lead a searcher to find his treasure, it has to be exact to a spot and not a general area. There will be no guessing where to look! I know I’m at the right place there’s no doubt about it. I just had to figure out how you take the guessing out of the hunt and now I see how it works just like an old school treasure map. I was missing some very important instructions. My solve has been full of, stand here, face this direction, count this many, well you get the point. I just had to figure out the endding and it works the exact same way.


23 thoughts on “X Marks The Spot

  1. Like your old school map – Remember somewhere there was something about many people were there or close and walked right pass it and another something about the difference between a correct solve and a general solve. Obviously, a general solve is not correct. There was something about needing to know why you are where you are and why your wwwh is your wwwh. I think anyone can be at the wwwh, the hoB, and the blaze and be totally lost IMO. Cute map though – I’m not good with drawings but understand old fashioned directions and given I am totally directionally impaired I really rely on those old fashioned directions. Are you hoping to attend the 2 November event?


  2. Are you in Illinois as home sweet home? Will you be passing through AZ? I hope you have good weather. I was in CO just a few weeks ago and the weather was wonderful! There are some places at 65 daytime and 30s night time. The night would be seriously rough on my RV 🙂 but the daytime – ok I drool at the thought. Do you have a date planned?


    • No date really, I’m just going to leave at the first chance!
      I lost my rv on one of my trips, it blew a piston so I scrapped it for 100 bucks and rented a car to get back home. Yeah I’m in Illinois so I don’t go thru az much anymore. Looks like I’ll be sleeping in the truck this trip.


      • Lived in IL one year 1998 – worked as a hall monitor at the Castle on the Hill (or snob hill) I think it was in Glenn Ellen or Carol Stream. There were railroad tracks everywhere – it gave me a creepy feeling like I was living in a Christmas village under a tree (Twilight Zone had an episode as such). Naperville was okay and nice and I got to spend a winter with snow! A real treat for a desert dweller. I understand about the RV – sorry to hear – I tow mine because one engine is all I could afford. I’m envious. I wish I could take another venture north. AZ north is ok, but NM is fantastic, and CO is a good competition with NM. I will not get to my place until next year – and that is a maybe. I wish I could see you on your way – we probably crossed paths once before but didn’t recognize each other. I think it is that way with a lot of searchers 🙂 Be sure to take pictures – it is supposed to be beautiful in the Rockies this time of year – the colors just amazing! 2014 we took over 3, 000 pics of trees, mountains, streams all in full color. Photography at ground level is perfect – no need for a ladder because it is beautiful 360 degrees. The nights will be cold and ice is easy formed in the shaded parts of the road under trees and shadowed from the sun – take care.


        • Oh yeah this state takes some getting use to, I’m from Las Vegas,Nv and have been out here way to long already. I miss that dry heat. Lol..
          The nights in NM get miserably cold, I’m going to miss the rv.


          • I know. My RV cries in the cold. The body heat and gas heat combine and create moisture and every cabinet and wall is full of water/tears. I cannot take the RV during freezing climates. 😦 I spent a lot of time sleeping in cars; been homeless many times – evicted by family all of them. I found using a body pillow along the seat where the back and seat meet helps keep my body from following into the crevice which seriously irritates my back. A sleeping bag that is good for tents in the snow will work great in the truck–a must have with the sandwich and flashlight. Be sure to use one. Stay warm and patient – the chest is patient and I believe that.


  3. I think there might have been a scrapbook October (2014? 2015) about ff saying time to be quiet or stay home or something to indicate the ‘search timeframe’ might be better in the summer. You might want to check into it before spending $, time, and a cold truck. Just a thought. Or maybe you are already out and about. Keep safe either way.


  4. For me, the afternoon was the best time. I scare easily at night in the wilderness – with the city noise reduced, everything else outside gets louder and closer – bears, mountain lions, etc. Jumping at every crackle of a tree branch, twig, swish, I guess I would never get anything accomplished. It is now cold and dreary as the colors have peaked and the trees are becoming bare. I’d rather stay home. 🙂 But there are night owls and they don’t miss a trick. Keep safe either way.


    • Are you thinking night because a searcher was caught red handed and had run in terror with witnesses all over? Night might conceal you from people witnesses, but I think the animal kingdom has great night vision (cats for sure) and you don’t want to be a nocturnal snack! Be careful of course and be where you can view the live Q&A on 2 November. I had a bad encounter with a mountain lion in NM and it could have been worse had the ‘poachers’ known I was tenting. Animals scare me and I think about what might have happened to Randy.


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