Wasting Time

Sometimes I feel as if I’m wasting time

but then I read the forums and discover

I’m not so bad off…

I keep trying to buy myself time anyway I can

by covering my tracks in my search area

as much as possible and I even made some special

trips just to recover some items I didnt want others

to find. I recently discovered, one of these items

does something I didnt know it did and have

been working on trying to figure out what its

trying to say, YES its sending a message.


19 thoughts on “Wasting Time

  1. The whole thing runs about 3 to 4 minutes
    I kept returning to the spot where this was found during my search
    and felt this must be important so I kept it. It wasn’t until recently I knew it did this. Only does it once every 24 hours


  2. Morse code I don’t think so looks more like a circular stop go or stellar use of ones imagination. If it quacks like a duck it must be a duck. Maybe it is a deversionary tactic while the elophant snuck by.


  3. Well you removed it so that is now on you. If it pertained to the chase you have effectively changed history and corrupted ff’s plan. Maybe someone will just stumble over it and put everyone out of their misery.


  4. I didn’t say you altered it. I am having a difficult time following your train of thought. What are you solving? I don’t think it’s the poem or is anything contain in the poem. You’re wasting time just like your title says. Are you just throwing things out there to see if anyone bites? You’ve been hanging around the infamous Forrest fenn to much I think.


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