Erasing My Mistake On 105

 Having one single clue out of order could be costly.

I really had to study my spot all over again

in order to see how things change by having one clue

out of order. I realize I didn’t actually use it as a clue,

but more as a hint as to what to do. My X location changes

changes to a more understanding location.

Trip 105 will be more of a challenge for me, now that

I’m down another vehicle. But at least I know I’m not

Wasting my time.


10 thoughts on “Erasing My Mistake On 105

  1. Come on IG, you need to quit makin up excuses for forrest. It doesn’t matter what order you have the clues in at some point in the circle of nine clues you would have to walk by that box full of gold. You can invert them, turn them inside out, put them upside down and backward. No matter how you slice it and dice it that box of gold is invisable to any type of radiation, x-ray vision or just an average man’s eyesight. You already threw one piston, it would be a good time to keep that H3 from developing a high pitch squeal from where the rubber meets the road if you get my drift.


  2. I have known for a long time that we didn’t have the same solve because we aren’t even in the same state. I’m admitting maybe I made an error in judgment. We are really not too different when it comes down to it.


    • Not sure about everyone else but I’ve been busy lately. I do have a new post ready, but haven’t decided if I was going to put it up yet. It releases information that will change everyone’s way of thinking. I was all ready to make my 105 until 7-7-17


  3. So you were planning on breaking something? I was always told I could tear up a crowbar and if you weren’t breaking something you weren’t doing anything. My new adventure is just burning it all down. It’s hard to be lost in the middle of a forest fire, the treasure will then reveal itself. What do u think? Good plan?


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