What’s up with this picture?

Remember the post about a foot soldier


Every time i view it on my ipad, i get this information

Take a look…

Strange dont you think?


21 thoughts on “What’s up with this picture?

  1. I’ve known what he has done for over a year now, that’s why I said I can’t believe I wasted my time for so long. I have to stick with his advise to because I don’t want to fill my cart at wal-mart while someone else shops at Gucci. That’s the only reason I won’t take a partner, you can’t trust anyone. People can sit at home all they want using google maps, it does them no good. Even if a person could find wwwh they would still have to go to the location to get any further.


    • oh I thought you said you needed a new spot cuz you ran outta clues. Even if you can find WWH ? You better find that or just stay home anyways.


        • it’s 1730 here in bfe and it looks like you missed that one by a mile is your antenna broke? I thought you said you can see what he has done………..good thing I had the most boring first day at work, I can die from boredom as easy as I can searching.


          • Yeah I was sure he would say something today!
            I really expect him to say he’s out of the picture soon.
            I worked all day and just want to lay here on my couch and do nothing the rest of the night, but I have the grand kids and they keep you busy.


            • oh not me I can sleep when I’m dead, don’t have grandkids but I have a puppy. I guess f might just be getting tired, it’s hard playing devils advocate all the time. Be better for me if he says nothing, that is unless of course, he’s gonna give out that final big hint that leads me right to the chest


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