Negotiating A Find

Finding a way to strike the trail

My search has been tough and I believe I will find the chest each and every trip. The key is understanding, if you dont understand what Forrest has done then you’ll most likely to be disapointed after your search. I know, I’ve been there 103 times so far. What I do know is to not work backwards. What I mean is, I only go back as far as my mistake and rework it from that point. Most searchers think they understand but they really don’t, if they did they would not be focussed on Fenn’s past and all the places he has been before or the people Fenn has known over the years.

 “It’s not the study that gets you in trouble, it’s what you study ~IllinoisGhost”

I don’t feel bad about about taking so long, It’s not as easy as it sounds or looks. I have tried to take shortcuts, hoping to get lucky! But that never works out and just cost me precious time and money. I always end up returning to the point of that mistake and then back to the plan. I can’t believe all the time I waisted doing the exact same thing all the other searchers are doing right now. I’m also guilty of making to much out of it.  The key is to find the end and I’ve done that.

 ~Heed this warning~

If your chasing the poem, the stories, Fenns past, ect.. and using Google Earth to help find and line up landmarks to fit 9 clues in the poem… Your Wrong…. Your solution is imposible… It can’t be correct…