The Average Person

 “No specialized knowledge is required…..

My Thrill of the Chase book is enough to lead 

an average person to the treasure”

dumb and dumber

Are we not average?

I know I’m smarter than this…

Dumb and dumber 2


27 thoughts on “The Average Person

  1. As usual, FF was not telling all of the truth. A true statement from him COULD HAVE been “An average person
    spending the rest of his life, exclusive of all other productive activity other than working on the poem could
    solve it.”

    Please remember, y’all, that FF has said the poem is difficult but not impossible.


  2. I’m done till f dies, you can’t believe a word he says anyway. In the meantime, I’m loading my guns in preparation for the attack. The sooner the better, he’s on the clock.


  3. tickety tockety the sorry mousey ran up the clock, the clock fell down the mouse broke his frown and the and the public was infuriated at the clown. tickety tockety tock


  4. It’s all about boundaries if you know where the three meet and which one is in the middle. I’m bettin I know somthin you dont know D *8* D.


  5. I will not leave my house until I solve the poem and find the 9 clues…FF said we will know and go straight to it once we solve. I don’t know how you could leave your house until you do this first…waste of time, money, and effort IMO…


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