Going silent on 103

Trip 103

Afraid to comment.

heres a small video i put together, all i have time for at the moment.

I will add more soon

We had a great time, would like to stick around for Fennboree but i 

have to be getting home. I still have some medical things to take 

care of. I know the video is short but it was all i had time for at the

moment. I sure hope to make it back in time for Fennboree but if

I cant thats okay. The little girl is my Grandaughter Brynlee. 

I wasn’t sure about taking her because she’s only 3yrs old but she 

handled everything like a Champ. I sure hope she remembers going 

Into the Rockies with her Pa’ Pa’ when she grows up. I have so much 

to tell everyone but it has to wait for now.

Now to Get home. Lol..

My daughter Carissa

Awesome time! Dont miss out armchairing..

Get out and enjoy nature.




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