A Complete Backup

A Complete Backup Collection

As many of you know, I’m having surgery on the 12th

and I’ve had nothing but time on my hands since my doctors

have taken me off work. I was informed to do nothing, just

to sit and wait till they could get me in for surgery.

This was at the beginning of February, so I’ve had plenty

of time to sit and think about things. I now understand

How Forrest must have felt when all he could do was wait.

I thought about the poem, my search, my family, and many

other things… ive been doing a lot of reading on the blogs

and forums during the past few weeks and wondered what

would happen to all this information, if something happened

to the owners of these blogs.

 Would these sites simply shut down?

Would their family members keep the sites updated?

Would all this information be lost or deleted?

So I decided I wanted to make a Backup!

A Backup of everything!

These PDF files are for backup purposes only!

Backups are updates to June 14, 2017

Scrapbooks 1-181 641 pages


118 pages

273 pages

I now know why no one else has done this. 

It took an enormous amount of time.

These backups can be searched by phrases or key words.

I myself have found them extremely useful already.

No more fumbling threw the information on the web!

I can find what I’m looking for within seconds and I 

no longer have to worry about the information disappearing.

And IDK what’s up with these websites lately, but they 

lag out and freeze up all the time now!

Use your smart phone

to carry all the information with you while on a search

You will find FREE DOWNLOADS above

These PDF’s are not just information,

They are organized, searchable, all in one backups

of data and facts given by Forrest Fenn.


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