Surgery Got Me Down

Yep! Feeling Like I’m Stuck

With this surgery coming up and all these doctors appointment, I’m beginning to feel like old Davy Jones has a hold on me. Not being able to get out and search is killing me. This may make me go crazy, If I start acting like captain Jack Sparrow looking for a peanut, somebody please come pull me out of Davy Jones Locker and take me searching. Lol…


6 thoughts on “Surgery Got Me Down

  1. Ya I hear ya. I just failed a med exam for a job offer w/ the government. Three things they don’t like, my hearing, old neck injury and they suspect something might be wrong with my kidney/s. Told my wife they already made a good case for me to sign up for disability. I have 35 days to clear it all up. Kinda ironic don’t you think?


  2. Ok, cross your fingers and your toes I am off to get my hearing checked, right now they only know I have some loss. If it comes in less than 25 decibels then I won’t have to spend thousands to correct it. Wish I could have found the treasure then I wouldn’t have to subject my ego to such humiliation.

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