Tracking Devises

Take a look at this device

Could it be possible Forrest is using something similar?

They come in all different sizes, this one is fairly large

but it’s self charging and send a continuous signal.

Most of these devises don’t even require a contract.

Please comment, is this actually possible?

5 thoughts on “Tracking Devises

  1. I think could be a possibility. Forrest has to know somehow that the chest is still there.some of these devises work like straightalk service and they do come in much smaller sizes. How much light is actually required to keep a charge? Could the keyhole provide enough light to power something like this?


    • No surveillance need, he say’s he knows the person won’t be able to keep it a secret and with such a huge reward for the return of the bracelet he knows that will put the nails in the deal. Now his residence may be another story, he probably has proxamity sensors all over the place and as soon as some looney tune searcher breeches that it slams the door shut on the vault and releases the half dozen or so wraith hounds who just live for inflicting teeth marks on soft flesh.


  2. A long time ago, I thought of the possibility of a similar device, using solar power to keep the battery charged.
    My thought was that when it was triggered, the device would send a signal to FF, so he would know that the
    TC has been found (or touched/moved, technically). So I planned to bring some aluminum foil to quickly wrap
    such a device. If I find the TC, I want news of this fact to spread only on my terms.


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