Q&A With Treasure Hunter Mike Cowling (VLOG)

Mike is quite the poker player. Here he is winning a poker tournament in Las Vegas, NV.

Q/A With Mike Cowling

You probably know him as mdc777,  he’s becoming quite popular on the forums lately with his insight videos of the Forrest Fenn Treasure, where Mike shares his thoughts about The Thrill of the Chase by Forrest Fenn. If you have not seen any of his videos yet, you can find them on his YouTube Channel cowlazars https://m.youtube.com/user/kroice I spent a couple of hours chatting with Mike, emailing back and forth last night and found him to be rather interesting, so I asked him a few short questions, where he shares a little about himself.

Mike Cowling currently lives in exciting Las Vegas NV. and was formerly Enlisted in the Navy, with a rank of Petty Officer 2nd class (E5) Where he worked for the National Security Agency, stationed on the Aircraft Carrier USS Constellation out of San Diego, serving our country for 5 years as a Data Processor (DP).

I thank Mike for his service in the Navy and for serving our country. I also learned he’s been on a game show pawnography (History Channels Pawn Stars). He tells me he will probably vlog about it in the future, so that’s something to keep an eye out for, I’m sure it will be interesting. Below is mikes latest video and he informs me the next one will be out very soon. He does a really good job with his videos for not being an expert video editor or vlogger. He tells me “It’s just me and my phone making videos, I don’t even have a selfie stick lol…”

Now about that Q&A

I asked Mike a few short question regarding his treasure hunting, videos, and research work and here is what he has to say

1. from watching your videos I know your involved in other treasure hunts but what is it that lures you to the Forrest Fenn Treasure?

The allure of Forrest Fenn is all the different treasures in the chest. It would be so awesome to go through each item researching it and showing them off.
Imagine a video about each piece.

2. How long have you been involved with treasure hunting and have you ever discovered any of the items your search for?

It started for me back when David Blaine came out with Mysterious Stranger in 2002. Did not get far with the solution but loved the idea. Then when I moved to Las Vegas, NV a local author released “Vegas Die” and I really started getting involved. That “treasure” was less than a mile from my apartment and when it was over the author said I was the closest to solving it. I have been hooked ever since.

3. Most searchers keep their real research private, however I notice you share a lot of information that most searchers would be afraid to post,  so it seams to me that you may be more interested in the actual solve then the monetary value. Any comments?

Don’t get me wrong I would love to be the one to find it but I think most of these treasure hunts are long shots to solve. I am having a lot of fun talking to other searchers and sharing idea’s and stories. 100 people can read a “clue” and we have 100 different interpretations on it.

4. I believe you told me you have not made a physical search yet, do you plan on getting out this spring to search?

If I can find a location I am confident in I would be going and vlogging the whole thing of course.

5. If your like me, your brain must be thinking about TTOTC all the time, so can you explain what puzzles you the most?

It has to be the warm waters clue. Why is water plural and how can there only be 1 place that FF is referring to? How does the first stanza help?

6. We all know Forrest will never say where he hid the chest but if you could have one question answered by him, what would you ask?

Is the “word that is key” in the poem?

7. You have a lot of time invested in your research, If anyone found the treasure with the help of your information, what do you think your reaction would be?

I would be happy for them but would hope they give me some partial credit. At least let me interview them for the vlog. I also would not complain if a gold coin showed up in the mail.

8. I enjoy watching your videos and you do a really nice job keeping me interest in watching. Is there a question you think I should have asked and what would your answer be to that question?

Q) Would you like to create your own treasure hunt?

Yes but first I would need to solve and find one of the current treasure hunts to have the money to create one (unless someone out there would like to partner in creating a treasure hunt). Mine would be different in that most if not all of these hunts are books or websites but my idea is to create a treasure hunt through YouTube videos. Now if I can just get YouTube to sponsor it…..

Mike I thank you for the opportunity to do this Q&A, your answers to the questions were fantastic and if Forrest reads this I hope he responds to your one question. I wish luck in your adventures and hope you stick to the video creations. Thank You, IllinosGhost

3 thoughts on “Q&A With Treasure Hunter Mike Cowling (VLOG)

  1. I was thinking about your answer to #8
    You could monetize your videos for the treasure hunt and get paid through the searchers viewing them, might make some pretty good money from monitization.


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