Good News & Bad News

I’m starting to dislike Chinese food

 Here’s what happened!

We went out for some Panda Express

and of course we always read our fortune cookies

When I opened and read mine, I was so excited, showing

My wife. It made me feel good just looking at it!

Wow! For a treasure hunter this is the Dream Cookie!

I look across the table and see my wife smiling, thought

my fortune was bringing her a little enjoyment too.

Really made me feel good to see that beautiful smile…

Then she shows me her fortune….

Just my luck… LOL.

God giveth and God taketh away.


5 thoughts on “Good News & Bad News

  1. That’s the way I see it but I’m selfish, one never knows but I married a younger woman cuz I wanted to pad me dying first that way she has to go to my funeral instead of the other way around


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