A lost Gem

Here’s a little Gem for new searchers

I’ve always screen shot things I thought would

be important to my search. I’ve done this since the

beginning of my search, so about five years of this

type of data fills my memory. Thought we might discuss it.


19 thoughts on “A lost Gem

  1. Was it you? Preston probably mistook those 1000 dollar bills for 100, since they quit making them in 1969. Too bad his memory wasn’t better so he could tell the color of the band, makes a big difference on what size gas tank you can fill up.


  2. Its challenging as always, as it was meant to be. At every turn there is an unexpected surprise, an up and down adventure that never ends. Sorry to see you need surgery, on the plus side gives you some time to plan your next search adventure.


    • Yea the surgery part is a bummer, but I will be back on my feet soon. I agree the hunt is a challenge but unlike the Rosetta Stone people know to look for Forrests treasure so maybe it won’t take as long to be discovered.


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