Are You Being Duped?

Subliminal Assumptions

Please allow me a moment to clarify this.

I’m talking about misdirection and being deceived with images.

Take a look at the following post.

Forrest says he saw the painting in the gallery, but he does

not say, it’s the painting being shown to you!

 Your assumptions are connecting this painting to his comment.

I hope that makes sense or at least you can see where I’m

going with this thought process.

Now take a look at this post referencing the one above

Now notice where Forrest points out this painting!

The searchers believe they are being duped here, that

Forrest is lying about it and they can’t figure out why or

The meaning behind him pointing it out.

Can you see it?

You see, the searchers assumed the first painting was

the clue or hint, because they believed what was being shown

to them was the actual painting Forrest was referring to,

But it’s not. Forrest was being truthful when he tells us

he saw a painting in the gallery. The painting in the gallery

Is the clue or hint.

When no one figured it out originally, Forrest hosted this tour.

It’s his way of saying LOOK, YOU NEED TO PAY ATTENTION 


6 thoughts on “Are You Being Duped?

  1. If I am being duped is that IT? Begin IT wwwh or you begin being duped @ wwwh? Yes, duped but you have to look @ the big picture, right? I mean duped would be a good thing if you are being helped but a bad thing if you are getting taken advantage of.


  2. I dont know anything about a persian rug but Check out page 126 in the thrill of the chase book.
    The heavy bronze lid is half open and defies gravity
    Its a HOAX!!!


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