$1,000,000 Treasure

Note To Self…

“Never To Forget, The Real Treasure”


 This morning I had to go in to the hospital to get some X-Rays done

and as I was sitting on the little bench in the waiting room, I

noticed this bill resting on the table beside me.


Amen to that!


10 thoughts on “$1,000,000 Treasure

  1. That is a tuff row to hoe, be very wise with your decision. The higher up the better In my opinion. I have a ruptured c-6-c7 that I have dealt with for 30 years. I have limited mobility but still do most anything I want to. I have two bone spurs growing towards the spinal column that may force me to have surgery at some point but until then I have decided to live with the discomfort than to risk surgery. I have had some friends that did fine with surgery and some that just became more debilitated, in my eyes that makes for maybe a 50% chance of a good out come no matter what the doctor says.


  2. yes, same symptoms as mine, Use some Ibuprofen to help with the swelling and ice pack as often as you can, cold brings more blood to the affected area and helps with the swelling also. I found by using a tennis ball for applying acupressure to that nerve that runs down your shoulder, the back of your arm to the end of the little finger helps also. Sit in a hard back chair or recliner and place the tennis ball to the right of c6-7 you will know when you find the right spot. Think of it as like a river that flows and has an obstruction blocking the energy, the tennis ball will help break up that obstruction so the energy flows as it was meant to.


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