Over And Over

Repetition Drives The Messege Home


Same old stories right! Over and Over again. It’s not accidental. Forrest is a very intelligent man and believe me, he knows exactly what he’s doing, saying, and writing every single time. A good example of this would be the constant misspelling of words or just leaving out a letter of a word, even using the same words Over and Over. This is for a reason, Forrest is trying to draw your attention to something. My guess would be, he does this to make you think about the famous “knowledge” used in The Thrill of the Chase. You might even have your own opinion of what Forrest is trying to say or make us understand, but repetition does and will eventually drive the message home and when that happens one of us will drive home with a box of gold.




6 thoughts on “Over And Over

    • Oh so envious, did f make an installment? Pot of beans is always on if you want to have the conversation. I worked on an
      in-situ project for uranium, most definitely not rocket science.


  1. The two in one or 24/7 doesn’t have a link to post so I guess I will put it here. You seem a lot like myself in that you have a way of getting ahead of yourself IG. Now, 24/7 is a good place to start, I don’t think you can solve this poem unless you can live it 24/7 which probably translates into obsessive compulsive type behavior. Good or bad that’s where it’s at, no place for the meek. Also two for one a person would have to realize at some point 9 Clues isn’t going to cut it, so some have to be re-used now how many times that is the big question or maybe picture. For you see the clues have to begin with a big picture and evolve into an ever-narrowing spiral funnel that will bring you into tight focus. Now the horror of all this is beyond most comprehension and again no place for the meek. So the way I see this is a brilliance in the fact that you can not focus on how bright your star shines but how bright Forrest Fenn’s is burning, this poem is 24 lines of a man’s life and has no room for your ego, become one with the man and leave the ego behind may just be the key to lead you on the path of the greatest adventure in your lifetime.
    Maybe a little sappy but it’s just the way I see it. Watch amazon in say like 40 years maybe my bio will have more for those who are meek. We really need to talk IG, till then fight the good fight.


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