Finding Treasures

Treasures I’ve found

I’ve done a lot searching over the past four years

and have found quite a bit of items. Most of these items

were located with the use of a metal detector.


I know these items aren’t the chest, but the finding of each one

of them has made me experience The Thrill of the Chase.

Thank you Forrest for getting me out into the wilderness.


11 thoughts on “Finding Treasures

      • That a good bit of nice change, the wheat pennies are not very common anymore. I was at Wal-mart last week and when the cashier handed me my change I saw instantly one was a wheat penny I couldn’t hardly wait to get home so I could see what year it was. One of my first finds with my metal detector was about 3 0onces of melted silver indistinguishable from what it had been, located at the site of an old cabin fire.


  1. Thanks for showing your finds. I received Fenns first book for Christmas so I will be looking come summer. If I new how I’d show you what I found of late.(stone points.)


      • One I found. On Feb 16, 2017 5:32 PM, “Gho$t Adventures : Forrest Fenn Treasure” wrote:

        > illinoisghost commented: “Love to see what you’ve found, if you have > pictures you would like to share, you can send them through the share link > under the home tab.” >


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