Circle Of Trust

Conspiracy Theories

When you look at it this way, it makes you wonder

Is Fenn the only one who knows?

Could there be a circle of trust and how many may be involved?

It’s a strange thing to say, when your telling people

“I’m the only one who knows”


I really would like to see some feedback on this one…

What’s your theory…



24 thoughts on “Circle Of Trust

  1. GG, where you goin with all this. You got some secrets you aint lettin out of the circle? Everybody has their circles and most inside will usually leak to the outside, there are a few I know that I could trust but not many. It is my opinion that the one on the outside of the circle only gets bought into the inside because they put 1 and 1 together to make 2 , then 2 and 2 together to make 4, where does it all end?


  2. After sitting and thinking about this I guess no harm will be done by sharing my thoughts. It seems strange to me that he is adamant about who knows, but that is possibly just to protect those who are close. At times I think there is a network in place kinda like the mob, all sworn to secrecy. Other times I could see Fenn pulling it off by himself, but having favors done by people who are close and he directs, everything on a need to know basis. Some of the interviews seem like actors or it could be just the “family”. If you watch them close especially the one where he is sittin between the two other fellars it seems that they are on the verge of crackin up and they have an inside joke. Then I have some other experiences that bubble under the surface as aberrations, like the late night porn fest on the other blog and a very arrogant person who always seems to follow me around like he knows my ip address and I could go on and on but I think you get my drift. I am guessing maybe you know something about these things or you wouldn’t be asking. It’s all by design but why?

    and then it’s all just speculation, right


    • Wow JL, seems like where both seeing some of the same things here. I’m kinda to the point, that I don’t know what to think anymore and just want to get back to my spot. as far as the other blogs late night activity, I haven’t noticed, I’m usually in bed by 9:00. I hope you don’t feel I’m the one following you around. I experienced the same thing. Wonder if it’s the same person. My wife and I have a ton of thing going on right now and we’re both brainstorming a way to get back to searching asap.

      All I can do anymore is speculate not sure who’s who…
      Know what I mean?


  3. I can ride along and help you search if you like, if we find it in your spot it’s all yours. I just need to gain some experience and I think you hold the world record for that. Have you ever thought of entering the number of searches you’ve done into Guinness Book of World Records? Maybe toss some ideas around and come up with a way to end this thang.


  4. An alliance in the making. You two would make a nice pair even though I’ve only met one in person. Trust in Internet personalities can be a very sketchy idea, trust me I am the last to know. A handshake with a look directly in the eyes would be my suggestion. I believe Mr. Fenn at his word. Although many of his words are just beyond my scope of comprehension.


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