Overwhelming Knowledge

Are we missing something here?

I think Forrest is hinting at something with this

And I don’t want to force my thoughts on others

So, I create a discussion for it and I’ll let you be the judge.


7 thoughts on “Overwhelming Knowledge

  1. Don’t know what ur getting at IG, one is right one is wrong. One has no d, but who really cares? They both mean the same thing, oh wait that’s it.


  2. Hey Ghost, you don’t respond much to me on other blogs, so I’ll break the ice with this one today.

    Forrest seems to be hitting everyone over the head with – doesn’t matter which one, they’re both wrong. Ketchup or catsup, with glass in them they’re both garbage. A Major out ranks a Master Seargent but the question was about wasting resources or uplifting morale. Again, they’re both wrong. Dumping hydraulic fluid on the ground, bad. Cooking food over a grill with hydraulic fluid in it, bad.

    Knowledge or knowlege, doesn’t matter. Imagination came first. IMO.


  3. You said in the header that you’d let us be the judge, but you just judged my idea as wrong. Maybe you should just say what you’re thinking.


  4. Agreed. You see how well your “toying” went over. Most are and should be consumed by what forrest is trying to convey. Why would/should searchers be perplexed or show interrest in quessing what you presume to think of forrests offerings and intended message.
    Please do tell what it is you think you know. This is forrests ‘ringling brothers and barnum and bailey’


  5. I think FF was offering us 2 things to think about . . .
    1. Broken glass;
    2. Possibly a “punny” way to suggest that Kat’s up on the rest of us — in other words, maybe Diggin Gypsy
    is one of the few who has gotten within about 500 ft. of the TC. (I doubt that she has done this, IMO)

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