Cabin Fever

I don’t know about you but I’m ready to get the season started.

My wife is ready to get going!

So it’s time to start planning a road trip.

We already have a few spots we need to take a look at and a couple

of spots we need to double check again. I’m setup to do some video

recording this year, so keep an eye out for some of my YouTube videos.

I know it’s early, but the timing is good

Good Luck!

See you at Fennboree…

11 thoughts on “Cabin Fever

  1. Understood, way much more to all this than meets the eye, the deeper you go the deeper it gets and the harder it is to keep secrets. At times I think a 180 would be the best possible solution for everyone but me of course.


  2. Funny thing about fishing, you catch a 11# der and next thing you know you looking to slide the bar up and if you catch one thats .124 oz’s larger you are moving on to 30.


      • The smaller ones eat better, or if they are Brookies then larger ones are great. Most of the Browns and Rainbows I release anymore but there was a time if you got caught you got ate. One of the best treasures in the Rockies is a good deep funneling run, at some time those big bad denizens of the deep are going to move in there to feed and if you have the right Lure or Fly the party is going to get started.


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