A Poem With 6 Hints


The Poem contains 9 clues

Hidden within 6 stanzas

Forrest has said the clues will lead you to the chest and hints

will help you find the clues

Think about this, if the nine clues were actually nine lines in the poem,

There would be no need for any hints. The word “contains” means to

Hold within or to conceal, so when Forrest says “The poem contains

nine clues” it means, the poem holds the secret to the nine clues.

The poem is just hinting at what the nine clues really are.


6 thoughts on “A Poem With 6 Hints

  1. IG,
    I have to ask myself how you come up with this stuff, if what you say is true then this is going to be even more difficult than I had imagined.


  2. Art is it, a masterpiece I must agree. So the way I see it you collect all the data, throw it in the bowl stir it around but what to make with it is tricky. You bake it for awhile waiting for this magnificent German Chocolate cake to appear but instead u get some rubber panels to line your Command Center with. That makes life easy though, your rubber room is right there close to your family so they can keep an eye on their vision of your mental instability. They are just waiting for you to drop the F-bomb and you are just trying to figure out when is a good time to escape from the room. Now tell me who wins in this situation?


  3. There are nine clues, each clue taking you ever closer to the treasure. A hint is a subcomponent of a clue. Every hint is encrypted. You need to assemble multiple related hints to construct a single clue. A wise man uses few words. FF is a wise man. 🙂


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