One Thing

It funny how many thing could be applied to the chase.

Is it possible, that’s exactly what we’re looking for “One Thing”

I mean besides the chest and its location, are we looking for

A specific item. A item used to conceal the treasure from plain

sight. Could it be possible the chest is not even at the location

We’ve been searching for, but instead we find something else

that tells us were we’ll find the treasure. These are just some

random thoughts I have.


4 thoughts on “One Thing

  1. Well that be ok with me but this decoy better be the same size dimensions as that chest and color and it better have gas money to get to the next location or somebody’s gonna have some splainin to do!


  2. A shovel is the wrong tool. He hid it very well, hidden can be concealed, camouflaged, or covered. Buried is something you do with a shovel but a shovel won’t do much for his hidding spot.


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