Weekly Words Mystery…

*If you wear a smile to the right spot you will wear a grin going home. f

*If you wear a smile to the treasure you will wear a grin going home. f

A lot of things could be happening here.

A simple mistake(most likely), Whats your thought on the this?


16 thoughts on “Precisely

  1. Lots of things, wearing a smile exudes confidence and certainty, by definition is a grin is an even bigger smile though most think of it as more like a smirk. Then we would have to take in certain geographic areas into consideration or even the circumstance. Some considered smiling a sign you are a fool, or perhaps that salesman had a huge grin on his face as you drove off with the used car you just purchased for $5000 that he bought at auction last week for $400.

    So what is Fenn selling, and what is the spot? Do you have a feeling of trust or do you feel like a fool, you can slice it and dice it and it all comes down to a reflection of you and what you are thinking. That ends today’s lesson, if you desire an answer please visit the psych department down the hall, look for the person with the huge grin.


  2. Do you think there is a possibility that the actual “form” of the treasure chest could be different than what most people imagine? Many words have different meanings.


  3. with a little imagination anything is possible, but that would skew the search, kinda like lookin for gold but all you find is a black tarry substance oozing from the ground.


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