“Gaspard” A Searchers Point of View

A view of Leon Gaspard from a searchers standpoint

 I’m really kinda left for words as this book took me by surprise. The 410 pages of this book will leave you wanting more;More from the writers, more from the storyteller, and more from the artist. The vibrant artwork used to illustrate The Call of Distant Places is eye catching and Really does bring life to the stories within. I believe Forrest and Carleen hit a home run with this one. From the moment I read the preface, I knew I was going to enjoy every page. As I read, I noticed Forrest and Leon both share some of the same qualities. Both share the love of adventure and their creative ability for storytelling. Maybe that’s what draws me in, the love of adventure and a good yarn.

  Sense I’m writing this as a searchers point of view, I feel I need to try to answer the one question many searchers are wanting to know “Is this book treasure related?”. To me “Yes” I believe it is. From the very beginning I began to notice small hints toward The Thrill of the Chase. Maybe it was the way Forrest used many of the same words he teases us with all the time or it could even be the way some of the stories leave you wondering;Stories of secret missions, hidden objects, and secret places. I’m not going lie, I really thought Forrest was going to tell the location of indulgence. Who knows, maybe he did and I just didn’t pick up on it. If you read Leon Gaspard, you will not suffer any disappointment. The book is very well written and the illustrations are beautiful. I even love that the chapter nine cover page, has the same map as my homepage. So to Forrest Fenn and Carleen Milburn, I have to say “I loved it!”.


One thought on ““Gaspard” A Searchers Point of View

  1. Got the thrill of the chase for Christmas and read it in one day. I should of got some grapes and made wine with me pacing the floor!Mr. Fenn thank you for your service.


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