The Call of Distant Places

August 24, 2015 I received my invite from Forrest

to attend the book signing in Santa Fe

I just now got around to reading Leon Gaspard

I have to say, I can’t put it down

This story is very intriguing and I actually feel

as if I’m right there in the story as I read along.

There is a story at the end of chapter two where

A man purchases a painting from Gaspard and the man

uses all the money he has to buy the painting. When Gaspard 

Realizes the man had no money to take home to His family, 

he gives the man some of the money back and the man hugs Gaspard. 

This is so well written, I actually felt the hug, when I read it...


I can’t believe I waited so long to read this book

Carleen Milburn and Forrest Fenn have done an outstanding job

writing the story of Leon Gaspard.

I’ve never been big on reading but I’ve always found it the best

way to learn. Forrest has changed that for me, I find myself

reading more frequently but now I feel a sense of enjoyment

along with the learning. Thank you, Forrest

I have not finished reading this yet and don’t want to

ruin the story for others but I had to stop reading and share

what I’m experiencing with The Call of Distant Places

If you have not read this yet, your missing out…


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