SB164 Hint

Recent Scrapbook 164

I’ve always had this as a hint to a clue

Now that Forrest has brought it back I’m sure of it.

It’s a word Forrest is trying to get you to understand.

He’s hinted at it several times. Here are a some of those times.

Two of the nuggets are the size of a hens egg 

This must the humming birds nest

‘Forrest holding eggshells 

And then there’s the cockpit again

The flight stick is the yoke.


3 thoughts on “SB164 Hint

  1. The bird in the crescent is a dove and represents two things, one of which is “go in peace” where you can get a different perspective of the target area. The other thing it represents is the bird’s eye view. A dove landed in front of my car, looked at me and flew off on my way to this site.


  2. FF was a fighter pilot for 20 years. Put yourself in his cockpit. View the chase from the viewpoint of a pilot. They use a flight plan. They fly from waypoint to waypoint. They are concerned with range and bearing to targets. Now go and get it.


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