Past or Present

Thoughts about Forrests intentions regarding the poem

When I think about the time frame regarding the poem.

I have to questions whether or not Forrest wrote the poem

in a past or present tense. This is very important to a solve.

Forrest says, the poem took 15 years to complete so, we

know this was a well thought out process. My question is.

Do you believe the poems intension are 

preceding his death or after his death?

What I mean by this is, if Forrest wanted the treasure hunt to

last 1000 years, did he write it for present day searchers or

future searchers? You see, it would take a lot of planning to

make it a future adventure and he would also have to prepare

It preceding death. What I strongly believe, is that the poem is

to be read as if Forrest has already past.


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