The Direction Too Take


Just take the chest and go in peace

This is a word with many meanings and what

Prompts me to write this, is the way “take” has been 

used in the poem. Here’s my thoughts about the use of

“Take”, regarding its location and meaning. Forrest has said 

the clues in the poem are in consecutive order 

and he has also said not to mess with his poem.

If these two staitment are true and we follow the 

poem, in that exact order, it seems impossible for the treasure 

to be in the spot you are standing, when you look quickly down,

with two stanzas left to go in the poem. I know the poem

sounds logical and that the last two stanzas appear to be

some type of after thoughts or helpful hints from Forrest,

But what if?

What if, it’s a form of misdirection?

Like I said before, this word has many meanings

Look at some of these definitions

Ok, now here’s my thought

I believe “take” may actually be a direction.

Take is used for movements in other directions, away from the current location of the speaker

• “You forgot to take your umbrella. I’ll bring it tomorrow.”

• “Can you take the rubbish out with you?”


12 thoughts on “The Direction Too Take

  1. I believe it would be a combination, maybe with tarry scant. Tarry scant could refer to a short distance for instance. I just know how it could apply to my search location and may not work at other places.


  2. I am starting to see a brighter light, a secret all your own, you take that with you but it is still a secret so, in essence, it is always where you found it.


  3. Take could very well be a direction but which direction that is the question, you heard the song “take me out to the ballpark” or words like that? so yes as long as you know where the ballpark is at you have a direction..Play ball, build it and they will come, where do they come from? They came out of the cornfield from there they go to the dugout.


  4. Reading is a great start, you are lucky to have a signed copy and got invited to boot. What role did Carleen Milburn play in the writing of the book?


    • Christmas Day was rather a busy day for us, so I did not get to finish reading Leon Gaspard. I hadn’t really thought too much about Carleen Milburns until you asked. With what I have read so far, I get a sense that Forrest is narrating the stories and Carleen is transcribing them. I may be wrong about that though, like I said I haven’t finished yet. I really see a lot of Forrests work within these pages. I believe it was in the preface Forrest speaks highly of Carleen as a writer.
      I will probably add to my post when I finish reading The Call to Distant Places.


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